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Rainbow Hand Body Soap 彩虹手工香皂

NT$ 280.00 TWD
Rainbow Hand Body Soap 彩虹手工香皂 總分: 0 - 0評價

NUM introduced pride soap in 2008 when we celebrated 5th anniversary, and 1000 pieces were sold out within 7 days. This year 2020 with epidemic happening around the world we thought we should bring the product back and make it a regular item on our list. This pride month here we have them ere with us again.

Batch 1: BUBBLE GUM flavor

淨重:150g ± 10g

size 尺寸:10 x 6.5 x 2 cm
ingredient 成分名稱:植物性甘油皂基,食用色素 ,水果。植物性甘油皂基,食用色素 。
用途: 清洗身體

套裝: 一個彩虹香皂, 一個洗刷香皂盒 (顔色隨意發)
Rainbow Body Soap Set:  one body soap and one soap holder

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