…. because life is not a straight line.



…. because life is not a straight line.

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NewUrbanMale.com or simply known as NUM, carries a host of international brand names from all over the world. Founded by Shenzi Chua along with 2 good friends Calvin Soh and James Kwek, opened its first retail outlet in 2003.

Today,NUM has emerged as one of the most influential and recognizable fashion brands in the fiercely competitive fashion industry in Singapore and beyond.

Since its inception as an online portal, NewUrbanMale.com has always seeked to push the boundaries of Singapore’s mindsets and norms by using unconventional methods in its marketing and branding strategies. In an aggressive fashion, NUM has opened up to 15 outlets within a span of 7 years. Not only content with supplying Singapore with its own clothing line, NUM has also collaborated with numerous international brands such as AussieBum, Junkfood, MightyFine, Dugas, Salinas, BrazilianoPraia, Cin2, Havaianas to provide Singapore with a wider range of brands which cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Our guys like to relax on this site zdrapki online za darmo

With the slogan “… because life is not a straight line.”, NewUrbanMale.com believes that there are always many roads that lead to one destination, and there is nothing about what is right and what is wrong.